Name Change Procedure in Bangalore Karnataka,  Kavery Legal Services, Bangalore is offering ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES in preparing documentation for change of name according to law for the citizen of Bangalore Karnataka State.  The Legal procedure and process in getting change of name is as state below.


NOTE : In India every State is publishing CHANGE OF NAME Advertisements in their respective State Gazettes.  But in respect of procedural aspects somewhat difference for Gazette Publication from one state to another.  Some states in India to publish Change of Name in Gazette asking to produce a citizenship certificate from local Tahsildars stating that he/she is living at his respective revenue division and to issue Certificate the Tahsildars asking Police Verification Certificate, Educational Qualification Certificates, Birth Certificate, ID Proofs such as PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Ration Card and self declaration affidavit in the minimum value of non-judicial stamp paper.   After scrutiny the documents, thorough investigation from neighbours the Tahsildar office if satisfies, give Certificate by stating you are eligible to change your namesubsequently to publish the change of name in official gazette of respective state.  Some states are asking publish in Newspaper, Affidavit, Educational Qualification Certificates and relevant ID Proofs as stated above.  But there is a procedure to prepare the documentation to publish in Gazette as prescribed by the guidelines, formats by the respective state governments. But the Government of India is also providing publication in the Gazette the advertisements of Change of Names.   The Citizen of India from any state and from any corner in India including Bangalore can apply for Gazette Publication of his/her change of name in the Indian Gazette and is most legally valid.             

Kavery Legal Services, Bangalore is an associated law office providing online legal services to prepare the documentation to publish in Central Gazette.   We only offering legal services to prepare the documentation for legally change of names only pertaining to Central Government Gazette.  Those who wish or  willing to change of his/her name may contact us to get guidance.

Name Change process has been divided in to three categories, viz... 
  1. Change of Name for Adults or Majors.
  2. Change of Name for Minors, Parents should apply on behalf of Minor.
  3. Correction of Wrong Names  (here you observe that the change of name and correction of name  entirely different from one another. )
  • For all three categories an Affidavit in the minimum value of stamp paper by giving relevant information such as your name, your father/husband name, date of birth and age along with your present address by including your reason to change of your old name into new name and authorize it. In the event of minors their respective parents should give affidavit on behalf of their minor daughter or son. 
  • For all categories Before applying Gazette publication, a classified ad in local newspaper for change of name/publication notice is very much need. and original newspaper should enclose to application.
  • Gazette Publication Fee as fixed by the Gazette Authorities by way of Demand Draft/IPO.
  • After getting Gazette Publication copy the process of name change is finished.